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What's in season in July 2024, and other timely information:

Notes for July 2024: Spring crops are underway; don't miss the berry season, strawberries are first, followed by the brambles! Damsons and other plums, figs, and summer veg are next! See this page for a harvest calendar to know when each crop is typically available.

Strawberry festivals, fetes and fayres are coming, most in June and July - see this page to find a strawberry festival near you! We also have home preserving, bottling, drying and freezing directions. You can access recipes and other resources from the drop down menus at the top of the page or the site search. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write me!

United Kingdom PYO Farms and Orchards

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These pages list pick- your- own (PYO) farms in Britain. They are continually being updated, so feel free to use the feedback link if you want to tell your experience (good or bad) with a farm, ask a question, or comment on the website. I'm always looking for more farms to add, so click on the suggest a farm link if you know of a farm that I haven't listed! And if you have a farm and want to add it or correct the information, just click on Add My Farm.

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And if you want simple illustrated, instructions on making and canning (aka, bottling, preserving) many common items, like how to make jam, applesauce, apple butter, spaghetti sauce, salsa, fruit pies, freezing vegetables, putting up peaches, green beans, etc., just click here. For tips on picking click here! And if you have Christmas needs but can't get out, did you know that you can get your fresh meat online, including a lovely gourmet turkey dinner delivered to your door?






















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Other Picking Tips

[General picking tips and a guide to each fruit and vegetable] [How much do I need to pick? (Yields - how much raw makes how much cooked or frozen)] [Selecting the right varieties to pick] [All about apple varieties - which to pick and why!] [Picking tips for Vegetables] [ Strawberry picking tips] [ Blueberries picking tips] [ Sloe Berries and Making Your Own Sloe Gin]










Illustrated Canning, Freezing, Jam Instructions and Recipes

All About Home Canning, Freezing and Making Jams, Pickles, Sauces, etc. ] [FAQs - Answers to common questions and problems] [Recommended books about home canning, jam making, drying and preserving!] [Free canning publications to download and print]